A Season of Rest

By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and keep His commandments. 1 John 5:2

The assumption in this passage is that we desire to love the children of God, and the sign of whether or not we do is found in our love for our God and our faithfulness in keeping His commandments. Reading these words I am convicted of two things: first, how little my mind and heart are concerned with whether I truly love the children of God; second, how imperfect my love is compared to the perfect love of God and how difficult I find it to keep His commandments.  One thing I know for sure is that God is faithful, and it is in that faithfulness that I rest, today and every day, seeking forgiveness and grace in my weakness.

For Cassie and me, these past few days have been days of rest mingled with work, and God’s love and provision has shown throughout, sometimes in very unexpected ways (I guess I should start to expect the unexpected with our God!). In our busy lives, even a bit of rest seems a gift indeed (and a gift it is!). Cassie has been recovering from a virus that pretty much wiped her out for the better part of two weeks. She is now much better, and has been able to be up and about and doing the things around the house that she so loves to do–including whipping up culinary masterpieces in the kitchen, from which I benefit immensely. She is now 14 weeks pregnant, and requires several naps a day in order to conserve all of that energy she spends in taking care of the little one. While I was in Peru, Cassie’s mother came down from Illinois to nurse her back to health (thank you Mom Doolittle!) and Cassie also spent an extended weekend with my family in Crestview (thank you Mom Sutton!). We are so thankful for our families and for their sacrificial love for us.

In fund-raising news, we are happy to announce that we have passed the 10% mark, a true milestone at the beginning of our fund-raising journey. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has sent in a check or committed to future donations. Those of you who have raised support before will know what a daunting experience it can be, but you will also know what a rich and encouraging and rewarding experience it is, also. There is a picture of the love of Christ in the coming together of His body to give selflessly toward the kingdom work throughout the world. We have discovered that God has placed in people’s hearts a true desire to give toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission, and many are merely waiting for an opportunity to do so. So, thank you, to all our supporters. We are overwhelmed by your love and generosity and look forward to keeping in touch with you over the years ahead.

Cajamarca Valley


New website!

I returned home to Florida yesterday after a wonderful and fruitful visit in Trujillo. The week was particularly helpful in that I was able to reconnect with the mission and learn all about what is going on now in our various churches and ministries.

The big news today is that Peru Mission has a new website! The updated Perumission.org has tons of great information about the mission, including Twitter updates and weekly spotlight articles, along with news and information on getting involved.

On our page on the website you can read about what I plan on doing in Peru, and also link up with us on Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, you can donate to us online by clicking Give! We are so thankful to have this option available now. The process is simple, and you can even select to make automatic payments.

Please let us know if you need any help navigating the online donation option. We are so thankful for the new website and hope that it will make it even easier to keep in touch with you!

Small Group Leadership Meeting

Last night Josh Eby led a small group leadership meeting at the mission offices. Each Sunday, six different small groups meet around the city to study God’s word. The group leaders come together once a week to discuss the lesson and share questions and observations. After the study, the leaders enter a season of prayer, in which they lift up each other and the members of their groups before the Lord. These small groups are a wonderful way of growing community and teaching new believers in the Faith. Please pray that God would continue to grow these groups, that He would encourage the group leaders as they step forward in faith, and that His name would be glorified through it all.