Faces of Peru

This video was filmed by Nate Henderson, who recently visited Peru Mission. Somehow he was able perfectly to capture some of the beautiful spirit of Peru, and the context within which God’s people are preaching and ministering at Peru Mission. Thank you, Nate, for using your gifts to God’s glory!


Seeking a revival culture

The conference(s) this past weekend affected our church family in very profound ways, inspiring us to go deeper into prayer and to evangelize the lost. Pastor Al Baker and Dr. Henry Krabbendam shared an abundance of wisdom with us, but the most memorable thing discussed at the conference were the ten marks of revival culture. Contemplating these marks of revival culture led to a great deal of introspection on my part (do I truly desire these things? do I know how to pray revival prayer? do I have the courage to be a faithful laborer for the harvest?). We were so thankful for our friends’ ministry to us this past weekend, and have been exhorted toward greater, mightier revival prayer as a way of life!

The Ten Marks of Revival Culture

  • Mighty praying (long prayer, like we see in the scriptures–Daniel & Anna, for example; praying the entire Word of God)
  • Mighty preaching (faithful, Biblical preaching; the Holy Spirit must be upon the listener in order for the preaching to take effect)
  • Mighty conversions (not just a handful, but many lives transformed from death to life, from darkness to light, through regeneration, justification, and sanctification)
  • Mighty assemblies (like the one happening in South Africa today; when revival strikes, the people gather together to praise God and hear His word faithfully proclaimed)
  • Mighty holiness (a renewed zeal to be holy and set apart, to obey God’s law)
  • Mighty generosity (giving without counting the cost; true tithing, not just writing the check)
  • Mighty grassroots evangelism (we are all called to evangelize; we believe that the unbeliever is destined to damnation–this should affect our lives in very real ways)
  • Mighty societal impact (politicians can’t save our society, but God is MIGHTY and can transform our society)
  • Mighty leadership (men and women raised up to lead the faithful according to their gifts)
  • Mighty combat (when you have the first nine marks, you have combat; the lion roars when defeat is near)

Goings on

This weekend is a busy one, and not just here in Tallahassee! Here are the few things we are participating in and praying for.

  • Westminster Presbyterian Church Prayer Retreat with Al Baker and Dr. Henry Krabbendam. The retreat starts today at 12:00 M and ends tomorrow at 12:00 M. We will be praying for the Big Picture, i.e. the Church worldwide, for God’s continued grace, protection and wisdom over His bride.
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church Missions Conference with Dr. Henry Krabbendam. All day on Sunday (9:45 AM, 11:00 AM, 6:30 PM).
  • Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization. This is starting this weekend in Capetown, SA. Our friends Clara Lee and Grace Bateman are attending. This conference is significant in its scope and vision, as believers from around the world gather to pray and learn about missions throughout the world. According to their statement, “Lausanne is a worldwide movement that mobilizes evangelical leaders to collaborate for world evangelization.”
  • Lastly (but not leastly!) Cassie and I celebrate our first year of marriage on Sunday. On May 30th of 2009, Cassie completely changed my life by saying one simple word, yes, under a moss-laden oak tree. A few months later, we exchanged vows before our loved ones and before our Lord, and our two lives became one life, filled with love and light. God has truly poured out His perfect love upon us this last year, bringing us safely through trials, showering us with more blessings than can be numbered, and reminding us daily of our total dependence upon His grace for all things. In a few weeks, our baby daughter will arrive. Need I say more? What a sweet, sweet year this has been!