Thank you, Cornerstone!

Yesterday we had a very blessed time worshiping once again at Cornerstone, Cassie’s home church. I was able to give a presentation during the Sunday school hour, and we enjoyed speaking with our dear friends about the work in Peru. How wonderful to know there are so many people here in the U.S. lifting us, the mission, and the people of Peru up before the Lord in prayer. Thank you for your constant prayers and encouragement!

An added blessing was Cassie being able to play with her mother and friends (Jenny White and her daughters Jessica Shade and Mary Bold) during the service. Sarah recorded the piece they played for meditation. What a glorious thing to hear beautiful music offered up before our Lord in worship!


Loo-uh-vole and back again

As we walked the garden behind the St. Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana on Monday it struck me that our lives these past few months have been like a garden full of flowers. The Lord has allowed us to cultivate a full garden of friendships as we’ve visited churches and spoken with fellow believers all over the country.

We experienced such a rich blessing this past weekend we had a wonderful and refreshing time visiting with our dear friends Mary and Kevin Bold in Louisville, KY.

Baby's ready to go!

Watching Blue's Clues together

All the girls (and Jacob) together

I (Caleb) also had the opportunity to speak during the Sunday school hour at Community Presbyterian Church in Louisville. The congregation was so very encouraging and asked a great deal of excellent questions about the work in Peru.

When we embarked on this adventure of raising support so many months ago, neither of us could have hoped for the warmth and kindness with which we have been greeted wherever we go. Neither could we have imagined that our God would have had such amazing things in store for us through the generosity of fellow believers. As we approach our departure in August, and the reality of moving to Peru settles in, we are astounded by God’s goodness, and by the abundance of true Christian charity and hospitality we have experienced.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers in the days to come as we continue to travel and visit churches. We still have a good bit of support left to raise, and have been so encouraged by God’s amazing provision so far. Also, we are so thankful for the garden of friendships God is allowing us to grow during this time and look forward to keeping in touch with each and every one of you!


Yesterday, I was taken aback by a surprise. A quick catching of the breath turning a corner. That warmth from somewhere behind the heart, where we keep our childhoods locked away, came sneaking back into my veins and quickened my pulse, awakening feelings I thought had died, or at least had purchased one-way tickets to Fiji all those years ago (no sun-dripping postcards). I felt enchanted, but also a bit endangered, as if someone had been spying on me. How else could they have known?

This all might sound a bit hyperbolic concerning it was just a children’s park. And perhaps it is. But then, there were dragons. Like this one.

Wizards, too, on a march through the woods.

And hobgoblins hiding in the bowels of the castle.

There was an ancient fountain

And I encountered a whole gaggle of elves scampering about the castle.

The Jeremy “Boo” Rochman Memorial Park in Carbondale seems to be one of those rare places that somehow break down the walls we build to keep out the children we really are. As I walked among the medieval mosaics and mossy fountains (and beneath the archers hiding in the trees) I felt a sense of wonder I too rarely feel. A sense of smallness within this wide world God has made, and a sense that reality simply cannot be reduced to molecules and atoms no matter how you slice it.