Food and Friends

Living in Peru has provided the unique opportunity to partake of the variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and grains that they have available here. It has been a very fun experience to add different types of foods to our menu, and enjoy the taste of newness.

Recently, I have been stuck on a grain streak. Widely popular in Peru are flours such as kiwicha, quinoa, soy, and banana; along with linaza (flaxseed), bee pollen, and others like it. I know you can find a number of these things in the States, but they are much more expensive and not as easily at hand. Once you have them, it takes a bit to get used to how the chemistry works in food, how much of a “different” taste you can handle, and whether you will be considered a health nut if you use too much of it in too many recipes.

My most recent uses of them are in pancakes and muffins. I have a combination flour of (kiwicha, quinoa, soy, whole wheat) that I use, along with oats, wheat bran, wheat germ, and nuts. I think I’ve finally gotten the right combination and have really enjoyed making these healthier and tastier breakfastes! Before the baby comes in May, I am hoping to make a pancake and muffin mix to have on hand to make the morning rush more manageable.

Here are some links to some of the different flours that I have mentioned. It is truly amazing how good these are for you!!

Quinoa Flour

Kiwicha  (Kiwicha and Quinoa also come mixed in the oatmeal here, so in the morning we eat quinoa/oatmeal…)

Soy Flour

Banana Flour

When I haven’t been having fun in the kitchen, we have been having fun participating in a baby shower for one of the number of upcoming babies in Cristo Rey this year. Flor and Norvil, who are in our cell group (Bible study group) are expecting baby #2 within the next few weeks. We had a wonderful time participating in their shower and are very excited about this new addition. Please keep them in your prayers as there are some complications with this pregnancy. This little baby boy needs to be born soon and healthily!

The University Fellowship team came recently to do the much needed (and VERY difficult) task of working out in Parque Industrial at the clinic, clearing and cleaning the area. They truly showed what cultivating a desert looks like. Their work was hot, sweaty, but very, very needed for the church there! All of the members of the team were upbeat and positive, even after the long, hard days. We had a lot of fun having them over to eat dinner one night, and introducing them to some different fruits available here. Thank you, team, for coming to Peru! One of the team members, Mary Rachel Fenrick, wrote this about their week! Take a look!




Happy Monday to you all! 

Each Monday seems to be the start of something new. This one, I hope, will bring productivity, peace, contentment, and joy as I waddle through this week, training Jane to continue to be a sweet, kind, loving child, trying to keep on top of the ever-dusty house and pile of dirty dishes, opening our home to a number of wonderful friends and acquaintances, and reveling in the little joys of life: like good food, Jane smiles, hugs from Caleb, park fun, and chats with friends and family. 🙂 What does your week hold for you?  

So, Caleb sent this update out a few days ago but I hadn’t gotten a chance to put it up here on our blog. Thank you SO much for all your encouragement, support, and prayers as we encounter new situations every week. Being in a place where the pressures of life seem to come from all different directions can certainly make for discouraging times and lots of heart-searching as to our top priorities each day. The Lord continues to sustain us through each of these days. 

Without further ado (and because Jane is licking her tray and I should clean her up), here is our update!