Can I supersize that?

That is one McDonalds option that I could use in my home. Being a moderately taller female (5 ft. 7in) in a moderately shorter statured culture makes certain things a tad inconvenient. Sure, it is slight details, but a few inches cut off of anything gets to you eventually and makes your back ache a little bit more than you think it should or you end up sitting abruptly down on the couch because it is a bit lower to the ground than you anticipate (awkward moment..).

Examples? My kitchen sink. The counter of my sink hits me at mid-thigh. Yes. That’s right. Mid-thigh. And that isn’t even the dipped part of the sink. So, washing dishes (especially with a 15lb. baby hanging off you) isn’t as fun as it used to be back home.

and the ironing board. I would pay an arm and a leg (well, that would make ironing even more difficult, but you know what I mean) to have the ironing board just a few inches higher. Ironing is less pleasant (less meaning even more less pleasant than ironing already is for me). But, I shall not despair! Due to the inspiration of this video below, ironing height doesn’t matter so much anymore. Instead, I have decided that what I need is just excitement to keep my mind off the discomfort. So, I will now practice Irish dancing, nurse a wrapped-baby, and play the harmonica while ironing.

There do happen to be, though, two things that are small and I actually really like them that way. One is my stove. It is just plain downright cute, in my opinion. Yes, it is true that it only has one rack on the inside and only one pan fits inside at a time but it reminds me of one of those baking stoves you would get for your little girl.

The other thing that I am thankful is small-sized are the ants that run my kitchen 24/7.

I hate hate hate hate ants with a passion. excessively. horribly. very muchly. BUT if I have to have ants, at least I get to have little ones and not huge ones like on the movie, “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”. I really wouldn’t like that.  As it is, if you had a motivating factor like ants, you would have a very clean kitchen, too. We cannot leave the dishes overnight or there are hoards in the morning (shiver!), my counters are wiped over 10 times a day with disinfectant spray (I love that stuff), I put all my baked goods in the fridge (anyone want a cold cookie?!), the sugar had a few ants in it today (sigh), they are running a line across my ceiling at the moment (oh dear, why did I look up?!), they somehow get inside the microwave (blah), and most of the missionary wives have had their secret stash of special chocolate (the kind that only comes from the US when a really good friend/team/or family member ships some to you) broken into by ants or other worse critters. Now that is a something worth crying over. So, anyway. Be glad that you are short (or vertically challenged, if you like). If the Lord calls you to come to Peru, at least on those days when you are emotional, have a headache, the babies are crying, and lunch is still rare in the freezer instead of cooked in the oven, you won’t be wishing you could pay an arm and a leg for 3 inches.


Cute and cuter

Some days, I cannot believe that I have been entrusted with these beautiful souls to mold, shape, and love. Look at those eyes. They are so trusting, sweet, endearing, and beautiful. The Lord is so good to us! Please keep me in your prayers, that I would glorify God each day through the home tasks, that I would have patience and joy in every little thing happening, and that these two princesses would flourish under my love and care.


Some funny Jane things that have happened:

On the plane ride to Lima, Amanda sat across the aisle with Jane on her lap. One of the many things we attempted to do to keep her busy (jane, that is) was to give her a hand sanitizing wipe to “clean things.” She LOVES cleaning things. (Yeah, I know. We are starting this OCD training early with her.) It was all going fine and dandy until she decided that the passenger next to them was OBVIOUSLY contatimated and started vigoriously scrubbing her down. 🙂 Amanda was trying to apologize , but the lady just kept laughing and laughing. I’m glad there are good humored people in the this world. 
We were so excited about taking Jane to the zoo while in Lima. We were sure that she would be SO excited to see all the amazing real! animals, since she LOVES all her picture books of animals. She certainly did get VERY excited… at a stray cat that was wandering around. and a fake Alpaca model. Sigh. 
She didn’t even turn her head at the giraffe or panther. or buffalo. Oh well. 


Today, we had the pleasure of having Esther and Ana Ramirez join us for lunch. Esther is the wife of Alonzo (the founder of Peru Mission) and Ana is their daughter. They came from Cajamarca for a few days so that Ana could take the entrance exam into the university. She was accepted! and will be living in Trujillo over these next few years. We had a wonderful time catching up with them and are certainly looking forward to more time with Ana in the future. We have been recipients of their hospitality for many years, from our very first trip to Peru years ago to now, and are so joyous to be able to return that blessing to them.

Please continue to keep the Ramirezes  in your prayers as they work so diligently in Cajamarca.