Here are some highlights from these past two weeks:

~ We celebrated Caleb’s birthday on October 23rd, and Jane and I had a fun time picking out presents for him and watching (or in Jane’s case, helping) him open them. I think one of his favorites was some Häagen-Dazs cookies n cream ice cream that I found here! Mmmmm!  It is interesting to see what sorts of things they decide to import to Trujillo. For example, with the ice cream, there were only two  Häagen-Dazs choices: cookies n cream and mango sorbet. Hmmm.

~ Jane had her first spaghetti dinner and enjoyed it immensely!

~ I am learning that washing clothes here is just not as simple as it might seem. Due to only having cold water in the washer, I have resorted to scrubbing Jane’s clothes in the sink full of warm water before sending them through the wash. It is the only way to get rid of stains and dirt. My next project is figuring out how to keep our white clothes from turning gray.

~ Caleb has found a new pastime away from the stresses of work: fruit sculpting! Nah, just kidding! This is actually the work of our landlady. She made this amazing! work of art for a friend. (I love the belly button. Talk about detail.)

~ While Caleb is at work and I am washing dishes (what I seem to do the most of around here), Jane keeps busy practicing her arpeggios and concertos on the violin.

                                                         And working on being cute.


~ These days, I have been feeling pretty tired, wiped out, and overwhelmed. I suppose that means that this little one inside of me is growing! When I do feel like my energy levels are up past zero, I enjoy making this and that in the kitchen. Chicken taco soup was the latest inspiration for me, due to my craving of Chili’s Chicken Enchilada soup ( You have GOT to try it!) and that restaurant being only a few thousand miles away. Anyway, if you go to this website http://thepioneerwoman.com/ and look up Chicken Taco soup AND make it, your day/week/month will be changed forever. It is the most delicious, amazing, wonderful soup EVER. Even if you make major alterations due to living in a different country. And, if you go one step further and make homemade guacamole to put on top (with avocado/tomato/red onion/cilantro/vinegar), fry the tortilla strips, and make a pan of cornbread…indescribable.

So, what’s the plan this week for us? The print bulletin is at the printers (look for it in your mailbox in these next few weeks!), Caleb is working on materials for the Arevalo Hospital Campaign, I am trying to take naps, keep the house clean, nurture Jane, and have hospitality when able, and Jane will be making messes, smiling lots, sniffing things, pretending to talk on the cellphone, and making us love her more and more every day.

These weeks have only been survivable because of the help of Caleb. He has gone above and beyond to take care of me when I am feeling poorly, wash dishes, make meals, take Jane to the park, and give of himself every day. I am blessed beyond measure to be married to such an incredible man. He has to put up with a lot!

If you want to stop by, please do!  I might even be able to make some cinnamon rolls just for you! May the Lord bless your week!


Editor, Writer, Administrator, Translator, Communicator, Husband, and Daddy

A few of Caleb’s titles!

Since Caleb is not a pastor, doctor, or engineer, it has been a little bit more difficult to explain to people the important role Caleb plays for the mission. So, let me attempt to explain what he is doing these days.

In the past, Peru Mission has not had an established administration team, but as of this fall there are now three people on this team: Alleen McLain, Linda Bundy, and Caleb. Together they serve to take care of all the backstage things for the mission. Caleb is the director of the communications part of that team.  These past few weeks, that has meant that he is putting together the semiannual print bulletin for Peru Mission. It is a 15-page, beautiful bulletin that gets printed (in color!) and sent to all our supporters in the States.

What is involved in “putting together” such an item? Well, it involves interviewing each part of the mission in order to gather information for writing the articles. This can take from around 2 hours per interview to… a lot longer! Two weeks ago, for example, he went out to Wichanzao and walked around with one of the workers of Sinergia for about four hours, visiting clients and talking with them.

He records each interview and then has to sit down, listen to the recording, and transcribe what he thinks he will use in the article. The next step is to translate it (many of the interviews are in Spanish). Then, he writes, re-writes, edits, and re-edits the article until it is just so. It has been quite the task, but little by little–and with the help of Linda!–it is coming together! On top of the main project at the moment, he is in charge of keeping Facebook and Twitter up to date on the latest events happening in the mission. And then there are about 20 other things that he is doing also. The mission is very, very glad he is here because in the past, these sorts of projects either did not get done or the missionaries would have to take time from preaching, teaching, and leading in order to do them.

And, after his long day at work, he comes home and fulfills the title of husband and dad! Jane is always SO happy to see him when he arrives home for lunch, and waves exuberantly to him when he leaves again to head back to work. She loves her daddy!

Autumn? Spring? Winter?

Sometimes, it can get very confusing as to what season to celebrate here. For example, this week is spring break for all the children. They are off school and enjoying a good long week of fun and games! But at the same time, I walked into Metro today and was greeted by a whole display of Santa, Christmas cheer, green and red, and little stuffed elves! As I passed by that scene and plodded towards the vegetables, lo and behold, a WHOLE HUGE container FILLED with American pumpkins were there, along with a jack-o’ lantern and Halloween candy. Confused yet?

Caleb and I discussed whether to celebrate the Peruvian seasons or to stick with the American seasons, and decided to do a little bit of both. Although we are very glad that some warmer weather is on the way, we are also wishing we could see some fall-colored leaves and beautifully sculpted acorns to decorate the house with. As it is, we will make do with what we have, which are PUMPKINS! I bought some of those pumpkins and set up a mini fall table here at the house to bring us some good ol’ USA cheer! Isn’t it wonderful?

I might even get up the courage to make a real pumpkin pie! There is no canned pumpkin, and rarely do you see a display of real pumpkins from the States, so it is definitely the opportunity to make something yummy to eat! Have any of you made a pumpkin pie from a real pumpkin? If so, what is your favorite recipe? This will be a first-time for me!

Happy Autumn to each of you!! May you have acorns, leaves, mums, and Libby’s canned pumpkin in abundance!